Terms of Service

As an organization choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefitting partner in Yellowstone Valley Gives requires that you agree with the following Terms of Service which sets forth the services and duties provided by Yellowstone Valley Gives and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

Financial Understanding

  1. I confirm that my organization is or is being fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 and will provide our EIN number, contact info, and a representative’s information for verification.
  2. I understand that GiveGab.com is an online platform which will safely process all contributions made to the event.
  3. I understand that my organization will receive all the monies that have been donated to my organization less any transaction fees not covered by the individual donor within 10 business days via electronic funds transfer.
  4. I understand that donors choose where to place their gifts and that the Billings Community Foundation does not control this process. A refund of the participation fee will not be issued based on an organization’s performance.
  5. I understand that the Billings Community Foundation hosts Yellowstone Valley Gives but is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my organization through the initiative.
  6. I understand to receive donations it is my organization's responsibility to provide a checking account that is eligible to receive ACH transfers from GiveGab’s GG Pay. In the case that the bank account we supplied is unable to receive the transfer, and GiveGab has not heard from our organization in over 60 days, the donations will be refunded back to the donor.
  7. I understand that any recurring donations initiated during Yellowstone Valley Gives will continue to process according to the schedule that the donor chose, outside of Yellowstone Valley Gives, and will be subject to transaction fees set by Yellowstone Valley Gives, less any applicable host/partner fees.
  8. I understand that any donations processed outside of Yellowstone Valley Gives donation period through GiveGab.com, that are not recurring donations initiated during Yellowstone Valley Gives, are subject to transaction fees specific to the GiveGab plan purchased by the receiving organization or fees set by the associated year-round Community Giving or Philanthropy Hub site.
  9. I understand that in the event of a disputed donation GiveGab will make every effort to win the dispute by submitting evidence on my organization's behalf. In the case that a dispute is lost, the full amount of the disputed donation and donation processing fees fees will be pulled from my organization’s bank account, and my organization will be charged a $15 dispute fee.
  10. I understand that refunds for donations made on GiveGab must be approved by an administrator from my organization and requested from GiveGab within 4 business days of the original date of the donation. If approved, the full amount of the requested refund and donation processing fees will be pulled from my organization’s balance. Any donation refund request made outside of the 4 business day refund window must be handled outside of the GiveGab platform between my organization and the donor directly.

Organizational Participation & Responsibilities

  1. I understand that as the administrator of my organization's profile on GiveGab, it is my responsibility to to grant (authorize) and revoke (unauthorize) administrative capabilities to other individuals within my organization.
  2. I understand that I can choose to allow them full administrative privileges or restrict their ability to view donor data within our organization.
  3. I understand that GiveGab will not disclose information about my organization to individual users unless those users are administrative users with appropriate permissions.
  4. I confirm that my organization serves or has headquarters in Billings area and surrounding area.
  5. I understand that my organization is encouraged to focus the majority of its overall marketing efforts in the days immediately leading up to Yellowstone Valley Gives to the campaign to create a sense of community-wide excitement among donors, volunteers, media partners and fellow nonprofits.
  6. I understand that Yellowstone Valley Gives is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my organization over the course of the event and understand that donors choose where to place their gifts and that Yellowstone Valley Gives has no control of this process.
  7. I confirm that my organization has a website or Facebook page and that we will add the Yellowstone Valley Gives link to one or both.
  8. I understand that my organization's staff, board of directors, and volunteers should promote Yellowstone Valley Gives over the course of the event using social media.
  9. I understand that only donations made through the Yellowstone Valley Gives online portal will count towards any prizes and incentives offered as part of the event.
  10. I understand that prize winners chosen on the day are subject to further verification and may be finalized after the event.
  11. I understand that if asked to participate in any interviews with newspapers, tv or radio that I speak on behalf of all nonprofits participating in Yellowstone Valley Gives.

The Billings Community Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any organization from participating in the event and/or receiving prize dollars at any time before, during, or after the event, if, in its sole discretion, it believes that there has been a breach of these rules and/or deception on the part of the participating organization.