Yellowstone Valley Gives - Current list of Sponsors and Prizes

The “Share Pool” and “Once Around the Clock Pool” prizes will be funded through donations from our  “Lead”, “Partner” and “Friend” Sponsors.  The “Share Pool” will distribute 75% of this total and the “Round the Clock Pool” will distribute 25%.  (The total for the "Pools", less in-kind support = $11,500) (Prizes = $4,500)

Share Pool - So that all participants can be a winner, this fund will be allocated according to the number of unique donors that give to each nonprofit. If we engage 1000 donors on May 4th, and 50 of these gave to your organization, it would receive 5% of the Share Fund.  (“unique donors” are different people)

Once around the Clock Pool – Every hour from 8:30am to 7:30pm a non-profit will randomly be selected in a drawing to win 1/12th of this pool.

Other than the “Share Pool” distributions, each non-profit will be limited to receiving one prize.