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We are excited to offer over $10,000 in prizes to nonprofits participating in Yellowstone Valley Gives 2018!

Rules and Regulations Apply:
+ Only online gifts are eligible for prizes.
+ The Billings Community Foundation is not eligible to win prizes.
+ Prizes will be awarded throughout the 30+ hours of Yellowstone Valley Gives events.
+ All #YVGives2018 Prizes will be announced by Friday, May 18th.
+ With the exception of Prizes determined by Donor Gifts and 'Awards', each registered organization is only eligible for one 'Golden Ticket' Prize during the 30 hour Giving Day.
+ Organizations will pick up prize funds along with offline gifts at the Billings Community Foundation Capacity Building workshop at 4PM on June 6th at RMC - more details to come.

**Prizes, Awards, and Golden Tickets are subject to change.

Three Budget Categories:
Small 0-$100,000
Medium $100,000-$500,000
Large $500,000-plus